Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November, Purr by Katy Perry Launched!

Katy Perry FB will launch a personal perfume, Purr by Katy Perry in November. Katy believes the fans will be impressed perfume.

Katy Perry will release her own perfume. Singer "California Gurls" is also working with Firmenich perfume company to manufacture perfume Purr by Katy Perry, whose scent includes a combination of apple, green bamboo, jasmine, and vanilla orchid. Katty ensure fans will be impressed with the perfume Purr by Katy Perry.

He told WWD, "The smell of my perfume perfume different from other celebrities. Not just like, 'I love the gardenia.' I really want to develop a completely different perfumes and do not replicate from the other perfumes. I never want to do anything 'just because'. "Similarly, the Legal quote from Femalefirst, Friday (23/07/2010).

25-year-old beautiful woman was admitted, he was inspired to have a personal perfume because it is a fan of perfumes and many other actresses have done.

"I've got about 50 perfume and I am interested in the mystical scent. I see a lot of friends into the perfume business and as with the music world, I think it can come also compete, "says the singer of song" I Kissed a Girl ".

During the process of preparing the perfume, Katty admitted to having a unique experience. According to him, the hardest part is to keep the plan the launch of this perfume is not known by others for a year. But in fact, during the process of developing this perfume she wanted to tell to others.

The plan, Purr by Katy Perry FBwill be launched first time in November. Interested in buying?
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Vicky Shu Drink Lemon Herb, Powder and Honey

"YOU are what you eat", a phrase that describes the function of food for the body. Singer Vicky Shu choose natural drink to keep their bodies healthy.

Singer of "Let Love 2" is also diligently eating fruit and drinking water. Vicky better believe the consumption of beverages as a natural rather than vitamin supplements.

"Drinking water, eating fruit. Every day is always a lemon drink, kencur, and honey. It has to be taken every day because I like to drink vitamin baseball," he said when met at the Studio RCTI, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Monday (31 / 10/2011).

In addition to natural drink, a woman from Cilacap also exercise regularly. Because should not perform strenuous physical activity, he aerobics to keep your body healthy.

"Aerobic form the body. I tuh baseball sports may be too heavy, just light but a good health effect," he said.

If there is no gig schedule, he chose to swim and fitness. Even before the fame as now, Vicky can claim up to two hours of exercise each day.

"If there morning or afternoon baseball schedule for singing, yes swim or fitness. In the past two hours, now an hour alone was really grateful," he concluded.
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36 Finalists of Miss World Beach Beauty

Miss World 2011 event held in London, England continued to walk. After doing a variety of fast track to beach beauty category, which amounts to 122 contestants were filtered to 36 finalists. Who are they?

The event international beauty pageant, Miss World 2011 continues. During the quarantine period is running, the contestants had to follow several stages of the fast lane (fast track). There are five sessions that they can use as a golden opportunity to grab tickets at the final night on 6 November 2011, such as modeling, talent, beauty with a purpose, beach wear, and sports.

After releasing the finalists in the talent session, Miss World organizers began to inform anyone who is entitled to pass in the session "beach beauty".

A total of 36 finalists are contestants from Argentina, Aruba, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, France, Britain, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Korea, Belarus, Israel, Kazakhstan, Martinique, Mauritius, Moldova, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Northern Ireland , the Philippines, Puerto, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, St Barthelemy, Sweden, Uganda, Ukraine, United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Venezuela, Wales & Zimbabwe.

As is known, 122 contestants of Miss World will undergo a period of quarantine for three weeks before competing in the final night of Miss World 2011 on 6 November 2011 to produce a substitute winner Alexandra Mills.
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Tricks To Wear Liquid Eyeliner

Recently i have email from my friends in INDONESIA, she ask me about liquid eyeliner, this is what she said:

Dear Soloparfum, I am always overwhelmed use liquid eye liner that makes my eyes do not tidy. Can i be given tips for applying liquid eyeliner can be applied with good framing my eyes.

Lisa - Haryamukti, Cimanggis, Depok. INDONESIA


Hi ya Lisa, how are you? hopefully in good health and fluent in performing the activity.

Immediately, I replied to the questions asked. To use liquid eye liner that makes the eye was neat, there is another trick is to use black eye shadow colors.

How to use is, choose the smallest brush (for eye liner) and then brush on erikan moisturizer (moisturizer for the face) and rub on the eye shadow color black. After that, make eye liner according to the desired shape. Hopefully my suggestions can help.
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