Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vicky Shu Drink Lemon Herb, Powder and Honey

"YOU are what you eat", a phrase that describes the function of food for the body. Singer Vicky Shu choose natural drink to keep their bodies healthy.

Singer of "Let Love 2" is also diligently eating fruit and drinking water. Vicky better believe the consumption of beverages as a natural rather than vitamin supplements.

"Drinking water, eating fruit. Every day is always a lemon drink, kencur, and honey. It has to be taken every day because I like to drink vitamin baseball," he said when met at the Studio RCTI, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Monday (31 / 10/2011).

In addition to natural drink, a woman from Cilacap also exercise regularly. Because should not perform strenuous physical activity, he aerobics to keep your body healthy.

"Aerobic form the body. I tuh baseball sports may be too heavy, just light but a good health effect," he said.

If there is no gig schedule, he chose to swim and fitness. Even before the fame as now, Vicky can claim up to two hours of exercise each day.

"If there morning or afternoon baseball schedule for singing, yes swim or fitness. In the past two hours, now an hour alone was really grateful," he concluded.


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