Friday, October 28, 2011

We Choosing Perfume By Aroma Body of Our Own

Since thousands of years ago, the perfume has been used to mask the natural scent of our bodies. "So we have a scent that is more attractive," says Dr Jan Havlicek, an anthropologist from Charles University, Prague.

And perfume is also something very personal. There is a strong attraction between the body's natural scent and perfume used. Perhaps this is why perfume is so difficult to award it to someone. It could be that the recipient does not like perfume and do not use it.

Only us who know the scent of our bodies - and what a suitable perfume.

Dr. Havlicek had a single experiment. He gathered dozens of women, and asked them to choose the perfume to be sprayed into the armpit. Then, in the armpit is one more, another perfume sprayed randomly selected.

The women were then asked to smell their armpits - left and right. Which one is more fragrant? Apparently all the more respondents feel their choice is more fragrant. Women do know what works!

So, if you're planning to find a new perfume this holiday season, or are planning to buy perfume for someone else, better go to a store perfume and discuss which ones preferred. Do not listen to what the shopkeeper said (ignore your boyfriend as well). Now it is evident that only you know best what is suitable perfume on the body.


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