Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why You Should Have a pheromone??

Pheromones in humans is a chemical signal in the air, which can not be detected by odors, but can only be perceived by the VNO in the nose. Signal generated by a special tissue that is concentrated in the arms and neck. Pheromone signal is received by the VNO and accessible parts of the brain called the hypothalamus, which is in the limbic Region. This is where the hormone changes that result in behavioral and physiological responses.

Some examples of the influence of human pheromones in our daily lives:

"Falling in Love"

The phenomenon of pheromones as a form of communication is a long time begin to try applied in everyday human life. Especially since it was found that pheromone glands are also produced in the human body. And, importantly, can affect the hormones in the body (especially brain) other humans.

Pheromones in humans were also serves as a sexual attraction. The leading chemists from Sweden even claimed that the pheromone has no small share in producing feelings of love, crush, love, and even sexual arousal of a man on another man.

This they prove it while doing research on the brain reaction to 12 pairs of male-female smell after a similar synthetic pheromone compounds. Smells are instantly react to hormone estrogen (in women) and the hormone testosterone (in men).

Thus, the human interest in another human being, whether it be a relationship of love, sexual desire, as well as in choosing a friend, also based on a pheromone scent that you wear.

How to Use Phero-X:

Teaser Women's Hormones And Aura Masculinity Phero-X ™.
Use 1 drop of Phero-X on the pulse of the hands, middle of the chest, behind the ears, feet and knees behind your neck and will last for 6-12 hours duration ..


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