Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Organic Aromatherapy Skin Care

Organic aromatherapy uses the advantages of using essential oils to help plants and aromatic chemical compounds in the additional reassurance of help and our spirit to heal itself given the disease. Manage aromatherapy at home with the help of these essential oils, perfumes and cosmetics. If there is an element of pharmacology, the clinic is called aromatherapy.

Aromachologie Organic examined the effects of different odors on individual behavior. Some scents are considered to cause a deep and relaxing on the results of our brain and body. Aromatherapy includes not only the use of essential oils, but also of the absolute, hydrosols, infusions, carrier oils and phytoncides. Absolutes are obtained by superficial fluid extraction as the rose of all. Hydrosols, as the water rose, water-based products for distillment. Aqueous extracts are solutions of plant life and materials. Processed Phytoncides the volatile organic chemicals derived from plants.
Aromatherapy is operated by the inhalation of the oils. If you are taking baths, massages and compresses with essential oils are absorbed through the skin. Through mouthwash and rinse with essential oils are absorbed by mucous membranes. Ingestion is another method of aromatherapy.
Aromatherapy treatment causes some personal effects, an antiseptic, the effects of anesthesia and the psychological effects. Aromatherapy for home, you can mix neroli, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, nutmeg, peppermint, and the base oil and add a few drops of basil in the mixture. For the purpose of bathing, you can add, such as oils of lavender and rose water. Aromatherapy can cure depression, insomnia, acne, joint pain, stress, cough and other diseases. For the skin, stimulates the best acne aromatherapy and dry skin problems.
Aromatherapy helps improve your skin and makes it hot for a while. Hase E 'a great pedicure and manicure expected results and the skin folds. Base oils used for aromatherapy essential oil of avocado, almonds, cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, jojoba, olive, peanut, rosehip, sesame, sunflower and many others. Be careful not ajwain, almond, arnica, calamus, garlic, Melilotus, onion, mustard, worm seed and article wormwoodPsychology use without proper medical supervision of aromatherapy.


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