Friday, March 19, 2010

Celebrities own brand perfume

Perfume has come a long way since the art of ancient civilizations. Today, many celebrities have their own brand of perfume, to describe their lifestyle and scents.Perfumes beings are a mixture of essential oils, aromatic compounds, additives and liquid solvents, which give a pleasant odor.

The word perfume comes from the Latin word for fumum, which means smoke. The art of making perfumes began in ancient Egypt. Romans and the Persians, led the art of making perfumes. Many Hollywood personalities today have their own brand of perfume.

Paris Hilton Perfume:

Paris Hilton is a celebrity and an actor. Paris introduced her perfume ParisHiltonPerfume with their own name.

This fragrance is similar to his creator. It is for people, parties and clubs have a good time to go easy. The notes contain ozone ParisHiltonperfume wet and peach nectar, Mimosa and pheromones.

Theseperfumesgot excellent response to the introduction of its first perfume. After the huge success of the Paris Hilton perfume, has launched a men's fragrance for her male fans into life. He drew a perfume with the name of Just Me in 2005, then the male version was in 2007.

Dolce & Gabbana Perfume:

The introduction of perfumes DolceandGabbana first was in 1985. He has brought a revolutionary change in the design of international fashion. The Company made an expression of the most successful fashion designs. Today, many perfumes fragrances for men and women who are at the development of Italian women and their heads.One of the best-selling fragrance of this flower is fantastic. It has a beautiful arrangement of white roses with a screen resolution of lemons from Sicily.

Prada Perfume:

Prada brings a unique experience and innovation in the fragrance world. It reinvents the ancient art of perfumery by creating a fragrance of the past and future. It has also embraced a scent on the past and the future.

Pradaperfume aroma is a combination of reality, memory and possibility. MuskFree has scores of web content, Vanilla Absolute and Sandalwood oil. Pradaperfume is a classic fragrance for all women who complement their stylish and elegant.


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