Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hawaii Personal Injury Lawyer

Generally attorney fees are based on a number of factors, including the May time and energy expended in one case, the result of a case, the difficulty of a claim, the experience and the importance of counsel and the costs associated with the case. There are several standard payment options such Hawaii Personal Injury Lawyer can offer their customers. These options include contingency fees, hourly rates, fixed rates, and domestic.

An emergency fee is a prior arrangement between lawyer and client when the lawyer receives a percentage of the amount of recovery awarded to the plaintiff in a case. This means that a customer has no obligation to pay your lawyer unless the case is resolved. Most Hawaii Personal Injury Lawyer work on a contingency fee basis. An hourly rate is also a common payment option that involves an agreed amount of compensation for each hour the lawyer spends on the case until its resolution. In some cases, personal injury lawyers charge a flat fee, a fixed amount or a deduction, which is an agreement for a certain sum of money paid before the commencement of legal representation. These fee arrangements in May also be combined.


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