Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fragrance That Suits Your Personality

Fragrance That Suits Your PersonalityUsually when people wear a fragrance, they're looking to express a general mood. We must take into consideration that moods are temporary, and perhaps expressing a mood through a fragrance will send a mixed message about your personality. First impressions are everything in this world,
and a fragrance can open your life to opportunities that you've never dreamed of! When someone that smells attractive walks by, you can't help but turn your head and notice that person. The fragrance has all of sudden made you curious about who that person is, and what they're wearing. A fragrance should reflective of your personality, not a mood that you want to portray because you want to demonstrate that you're consistent. When choosing your fragrance the factors that matter the most are originality, and innovation.

Choosing a fragrance that mixes with your body chemistry is your first step. It's important to realize that just because a cologne or perfume smells good on your best friend does not mean it will smell great on you! Most fragrances smell great; the rule is sample until you find something that compliments you. I would recommend sampling no more than 4 fragrances in one day. Sampling means that you need to spray the fragrance on the back of your wrist preferably.

Understanding your signature fragrances will require a little bit of research. Everyone should have at least one fragrance appropriate for the work day, a casual day, and active day, and something for the evening. There are different fragrance categories such as floral, spicy, citrus, and aromatic. It's important to choose the stronger scents for the evening it would be considered in polite to wear anything that is too strong during the day.

The next step to perfecting your signature collection would be to understand your personality. Think of 4 descriptive words to describe who you are, those words will translate into certain fragrance categories. You have to understand a fragrance will form the first impression, so in 15
seconds someone will know who you are! This is something that should be a long process if you haven't made your fragrance collection compatible with your personality. You will discover positive results from those around you, and a fragrance that represents who you are is also good for your morale.

Remember the rules of wearing a fragrance, make a positive impression and make it last! Usually if you spray 1-2 times that will be enough, you definitely don't want to look like you're trying too hard to impress anyone. A few years ago at a fragrance presentation at Bloomingale's, I learned that fragrances evaporate spray once around your ankle area or your wrist. If you do spray in your chest area by the end of the day you will need to spray more, so this is more economical. Blending fragrances is not recommended, if you do make sure one scent is neutral. I strongly encourage blending perfumes with bath and shower gels with like scents of course, this is another great way to make your fragrance last. Goodluck on your signature collection!(InnovativeThinker)


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