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Home made Perfumes

You can use homemade perfume for yourself, give it away as gifts or try to market your own perfume brand. A perfume is prepared from aroma compounds, which are obtained from fragrant essential oils, food, wine and spices. You can prepare homemade perfumes easily if you know the procedure. Process to prepare homemade perfume takes only few minutes.
Different Types of Home made Perfumes:
Basic Homemade Perfume, Misty passions Perfume, Whispering Rain Perfume, Falling stars perfume, Orient Night perfume, Enchanted Perfume, Amaze Perfume, Flower Essence Perfume, Preparing Solid Perfumes are different types of perfumes which can be made by yourself at your home which saves your money and time. Let us know about some of them.

The main ingredients of homemade perfumes are water, alcohol and essential oils. You will also need some simple utensils like a big bowl, plastic measuring cups and a spoon. Do not use metal cups as they can react with components and give different fragrance then desired. Also gather some nice spray bottles to store them.

Basic Homemade Perfume: Things you'll need: Get one cup of fresh flower blossoms and chop them and one cup of mineral water. You can go for flower blossoms like lilac, orange, lavender. Procedure: take large bowl and spread cheesecloth so that its corners are out of the bowl. Pour the flower blossoms in this cloth and cover with mineral water. Let them soaked overnight. In the morning, pull the cloth and squeeze out the fragrant water. Store this in an airtight jar. Keep it in refrigerator and you can use this up to one month from preparation.

Misty passions Perfume: Ingredients: Take 3 drops of passionflower fragrance oil, 2 drops ylang ylang essential oil, 3 drops of neroli essential oil and ½ pt 70% alcohol. Procedure: Take a dark colored bottle and pour alcohol in it. Then add to it all the oils and shake it well. Let it be like this for one week. After that you can use this.

After all your experimentation you can first test those result in your body because some times they may result to the Allergy so you must take care before using them and Place all the resulted Perfumes at cool and dry Place.(Tirupati)


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